Thursday, April 9, 2009

Science Fun and Easter Eggs

No classes today and Friday, so I thought I would post a couple of Easter Egg links.  

Lifehacker has a post on an online egg timer for the uber-geek:  just select the temperature of your egg (Celsius), it's circumference (in cm), your elevation above sea level (meters) and how well done you would like your egg and it will calculate the time needed to cook.  Oh, and be forwarned, the site is in Norwegian.  If you are that eager to input the necessary variables to accurately calculate your cooking time, I'm sure that a little thing like not knowing the language won't be a problem.  

And as an added bonus, how often do you see the Angstrom symbol used in acutal words?

Kunsten å koke et egg (translation: Art of cooking an egg) [University of Oslo]

Once you have cooked your Easter eggs, surely you will want to add a little color to them.  Of course, if you dye the shell you have to remove the decorative part before you can eat the egg.  Neatorama has a neat link to a way to decorate the egg that's inside the shell.

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