Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Internet Profile: Bridgehead Carbons

My "seemingly authoritative personal profile" courtesy of Personas, which is part of an exhibit at the MIT Museum. When you enter your name, Personas searches the web for information about you according to a set of categories which it uses to generate a profile like the one above.

I tried with my real name a couple of different ways. Apparently I share my name several other people who have much bigger internet presences than I do - including a golfer and a CEO. The "profile" I get doesn't fit the real me at all. Since the profiles I got didn't seem to reflect me as well as a bunch of other people, I decided to enter "Bridgehead Carbons" as my "Name."

I'm amazed - the largest category is Sports. WTF! Ok so here's my sports-related comment: I can't believe that my hometown Minnesota Vikings actually signed Brett Favre - I may have to root for the Lions this season, because there is no way I can root for that bozo. If they win the Super Bowl with that clown I might be able to live it down. But I don't expect him to play any better with the Vikes than he did with the Jets last year - the hapless Dolphins kept them out of the playoffs with the QB that Farve replaced. For every 3 TD passes, Favre throws 2 interceptions and he's almost as old as I am. The last time he was in the Super Bowl was more than 10 years ago and he LOST.

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webmaster said...

I agree. The Vikings management has sunk to a new low hiring a guy who obviously never means what he says (but he will take your money).

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