Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Weather: Local vs Global

From AccuWeather:
NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) has determined that July of 2009 was the second warmest July globally, since records were kept going back well over a hundred years.
The map above compares July 2009 with "normal" - July from 1951 through 1980. Blue is cooler than "normal" and red is warmer. There are some blue bits, but there sure is a whole lot of red - more than enough to compensate for the smaller regions of cooler temperatures.

In fact most of the eastern US was blue in July, with the darkest blue in the Great Lakes region where I live. I know I'll be hearing people say, "Gosh it's been cold this summer. That proves there's no Global Warming!"

The thing about Global Warming is that the Earth warms unevenly - that is one of the things that causes winds. Change the winds and you change the weather. Change the temperature - up or down - and the amount of rainfall and you can have big problems for the farmers.

It's not just an issue of having warmer weather - some people would like that. I have lived in Tennessee and Georgia and I prefer to live in a place that gets snow in the winter, I kind of like the weather as it is. The real issue isn't so much creature comforts but food. Considering all the red in the polar regions, if I lived in Miami I would be a little worried about sea level too.

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webmaster said...

Yes--I love the picture. People don't seem to understand that "global warming" has little to do with their local temps and more to do with global weather volatility.