Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aberranone - an Unusual Gorgonian Molecule
The Caribbean Sea Whip, or Gorgonian,  has been the source of a myriad of unusual natural products. The latest example being Aberrarone, which has a unique carbon skeleton, not observed before.

 Aberrarone gets its name from the Latin word aberrare, meaning "not typical or usual."  The authors suggest that the aberrarane skeleton  may be formed via a rearrangement from other gorgonian compounds such as Elisapterosin A or Colombiasin A.  All three compounds show anti-malarial activity.

It's hard to really see the structure of these compounds in 2D. Elisapterosin A and Colombiasin A are listed at ChemSpider and if you click the 3D tab above the strucure  there you can see them in 3D. 

Rodríguez, I., Rodríguez, A., & Zhao, H. (2009). Aberrarone: A Gorgonian-Derived Diterpene from

The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 74 (19), 7581-7584 DOI: 10.1021/jo901578r

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