Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drug Microscopy from the Wellcome Image Awards

Image: Annie Cavanagh and Dave McCarthy

Cool image of polymer-coated drug particles taken with an electron microscope. It looks like some sort of modern art piece.  Originally in black and white, the color was added later: the drug is orange and the polymer blue.  From this year's Wellcome Image Awards.

According to judging panel member Catherine Draycotte:
"One of the reasons this image stood out as extraordinary is because it doesn't look like a natural image. It doesn't look as though it could possibly come from a microscope - it looks as though it must be computer-generated.

"This is because the particles - and those within them - are so smooth: they are artificial and have virtually no texture. The image really shows what technology can do in targeting drugs to specific purposes. This system is designed to delay the release of the drug that is contained in the smaller particles until it reaches the large intestine, where it will treat inflammatory bowel disease."

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